A contemporary vision of the classic themes from XIX century ,Portraits , Genre paintings ,  Landscapes , Animals, Still lifes, Always trying to generate a new and unique image that captures my vision of what surrounds me.

Nacho Torra.

1989 Born in Gijón, Spain.
Grew up painting. Studied Fine Arts in Cuenca, Spain, and finished my studies at the Pinacoteca di Brera, in Milan, Italy. I made Drawings, paintings, Sculptures, and installations since 2010. Discovered by Rafael Doctor (Cultural Manager and Art Historian). Exhibits my work at commercial galleries, as well as some group exhibitions while pursuing my degree. After completing my studies I start connecting with fashion world. Actually i work for Zara doing image contents for Zara.com and Social Media ( since 2015 ) I live and work in La Coruña, but i keep traveling very often around the world. At this moment im finishing my solo project in my studio in Coruña, this project will be Launch in October 2017.